Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I was sitting at the bus stop today and I felt more like sketching than like playing my PSP for a change. So I came up with an idea. I whipped out my phone, where I keep a variety of photos and reference images that I use in my art. One such folder houses a selection of my choice artistic nude photographs. (Don't lie; you've got a folder like that too.) I like drawing women, and I like having my inspiration with me wherever I may be. So anyway, what I did was opened said folder and turned on the slideshow function. I challenged myself to gesture the figures that were displayed in the brief time that they showed up.

Then I realized that the slideshow's frames had a limit of a four second delay, which was just too fast. So I came up with another idea...I simply brought up a pic, then rough gestured it until my phone's screen automatically switched off (about thirty seconds). Then I would turn the screen back on and switch to the next pic, and gesture that. It was like having my own little Posemaniacs 30-second gesture app on my G1.

Then it started raining and I had to stop drawing. Wet paper is no fun. But here was the result:

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