Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I hate hard work.

No, I don't mean the way everyone hates hard work. I mean, I REALLY don't like it. I shy away from it. I avoid it like the plague. I naturally seek the path of least resistance.

In short, I'm lazy. Chronically so.

Case in point: I work for the US Government. US civilian employees are some of the most slow-moving, sedentary people in existence. When referencing them, it's difficult to use the term "work force". Now, there are exceptions to this rule. I used to be. But after 10 years of working in the same office, I feel it coming on. I take my time with every task. Assignments that used to take three hours, I drag out over days between my web surfing, sketching and strolls around the block. And my superiors don't seem to care.

Case in point: I have never completed a comic book in my life, not in full color anyway. Every time I get to the point where it will become challenging (e.g., resolving perspective issues in each panel, coloring it all up) I shy away.

Case in point: Yes, I finished my novel, and I even edited it from start to finish numerous times. But marketing, getting an ISBN, submitting it to literary agents (which requires writing a decent novel outline) and heaven forbid rewriting it to make a better story out of an already good one... these are things I avoid.

Now, I'm getting ready to start school (online courses). This whole lazy approach to life isn't going to work, not if I'm going to get my degree. I need to learn how to appreciate hard work... even enjoy it. I'm hoping I get lots of commissions, not so much because of the money (although I guess if it weren't about the money, I'd lower my prices), but because I don't like doing commissions, as I stated before. They're hard work. But I need to learn to appreciate hard work, and the best way to do that for me, I think, is to have a lot of things that I may not necessarily WANT to do, but HAVE to do.

If that doesn't work, there's always brutely forcing myself to finish a comic that I've started...


KENESU said...

I'm in the same boat when it comes to walking the path of least resistance. Think of it this way: Some people have to wake up early, get dressed, and drive over to something that they don't like everyday. As artist, I think we are one of the rare few that can wake up to things we care about and love.

Your schooling is important. Once you invest money into it, you have to make it be your #1 priority...or close to it. I made a terrible mistake back when I attended the Art Institute. I skipped classes, which hurt my grades. I dropped classes, which ultimately ran up the bill. I'm in a bad situation because the lenders for those loans want to collect. I was stupid...retarded even, but I was undeniably lazy.

I'm positive you'll do good with your online courses, but I tend to warn any and everybody who goes to college. Go through all the way and do your very best. I wish I could go back and do that.

Gary Pope said...

I like that you struggle to stay motivated, even though you don't want to do too much, but you know as well as I do that if we put more effort into our art we'd be much better than we are. Think how you can complete a video game on the highest setting and you don't feel like you've even played it if you don't. I feel your struggle, bruh!