Saturday, June 13, 2009

I wanted to accomplish something...

And at least I'm off to a good start.


I decided that I needed to do a better job of a fight scene between the two characters I've been commissioned to draw. In a rare moment of invigoration, I broke out the A3 Bristol board, turned on a couple of Netflix instant flicks and got busy scrawling this up.

The beauty of having two monitors is how I can have a movie playing on one screen and have my reference pics on the other screen, giving them both a huge amount of screen real estate.

I'm lousy at split-scanning, but that's okay because I ink my pencils digitally. I'm going to fix all the mistakes, as well as add gobs of detail, as this image progresses. But this was a big project, and I'm ready to step away from the drawing table and the PC so I can finally go and see if Prototype is worth all the hype.

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