Friday, June 12, 2009

Testing email blogging

This is a test to see if an image taken on my phone, emailed to myself at work can be posted to my blog via email.

See, at my job, where I spend more time than anywhere else unfortunately (the pitfalls of working full time), the workstations have a lot of things blocked or disabled. Among them, sites like MySpace, YouTube, Flickr and Photobucket are inaccessible. Because of this, I need to seek other ways to post images to my blog when I have something that I simply must show off right after I draw it (I do most of my drawing at work). Thus, through using my 3G enabled phone and email trickery, I try to find ways to circumvent the system.

Perhaps I'll try uploading pics to Photobucket directly through my phone in the future, or just be patient and wait until I can scan the drawings in at home...

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Jonathan Price said...

And it worked!