Friday, June 12, 2009

Today's sketches

I tried to keep a theme of drawing a cute/sexy/sultry pic of a female character every day to warm up before "serious" drawing...though they often end up becoming the "serious" drawing of the day.

Here's what I did first:
Jet Dancer sitting

I love my Jet Dancer character. However, she has this problem. Her most unique feature being below her knees, I'm often hard-pressed to come up with interesting ways to draw her. She practically demands being drawn full-body at all times, which can be tricky. I found a pose like this on the net and tried drawing it my way, but Jet's big ol' boots made things difficult. My heart wasn't really into the pencil work, but I know it can look better if I inked and colored it. Probably won't, though.

I did a little playing around with this:
Lady Octopus vs Kim Paler

It's the intended layout for the first of my two commissions for a single client, Teri-Minx. The idea is the two characters are locked in combat. The two images I'm tasked to do are to feature two opposing yet equal sides of the struggle so both characters are shown on equal footing. This one doesn't really choose a side, so I'm not sure I'm going to go with it, even though I like the poses.

That's it for now. I'm either going to spend the rest of the day coloring my Shauntia at the Beach image, or keep working on the commission layout.


Gary Pope said...

I think I like your Jet Dancer best of your characters. I will say pitting her against K'alluvia has presented me with some quality challenges. As you know I don't do sexy very well and I really want to get that across, also, I'm not sure how she would deal with simply being shot at as she's basically naked, human with superboots. I did figure that out, but I would like to know how you figured.

Jonathan Price said...

Jet is extremely damage-resistant; I meant to mention it in her bio but it's in the full character sheet that I keep in my records. She's not on Power Girl or Supergirl's level, but she's very resilient. There's a moment in my comic where Jet is blasted by an explosion from K'alluvia but she merely gets knocked to the ground without a scratch on her. Without getting too deep, she's basically invulnerable to cuts and bruises and recovers very quickly. The reason is that she's not exactly human. But the truth behind her origin is something I'm reserving for when I tell her full story (which I have already completely planned out).